I usually do ‘select’ query before ‘update’ or ‘insert’ query using Jpa, Java.

For example, I must create new entity if the entity is null by ‘select’ query, or I do just setAge(); if the entity exists.

So I code as below by most commonly.

I don’t want to do it, checking null, always. It is very pesky pattern.

So I create a utility class as below.


There are some situations, it is not enough default setting of console log lines, while doing my spring batch.

I find some solutions at a blog1

modify the property, idea.cycle.buffer.size, by any text editor (like sublime text or etc.)

But the post might be out of date.

I don’t know exactly when it was updated, but the setting is already in the configuration of the intellij.





The default value is unchecked. But you can check and change the default value, 1024KB.

In my case, I just add a zero, then be 10240KB. (It was too lazy)